Doves joins in environment management campaign


Leading funeral assurer Doves Holdings on Friday embarked on a clean up campaign in the capital , a direct response to President Mnangagwa’s initiative of championing  a country with sustainable environment management and waste disposal systems.

Early this week, Mnangagwa declared the  first Friday of each calendar month, the National Environment Cleaning Day and made the declaration when  he officially launched the national clean-up campaign in Harare.

He also set aside  December 5 of every year to plant trees countrywide and to remind each other the importance of keeping the environment clean.

Doves executives and employees kicked off their clean up campaign at 8am in the central business district where they were joined by other volunteering citizens whom they provide with brooms, refuse bins and protective clothing.

The entourage was led by the company’s chief executive officer  Farai Matsika who told the Mail and Telegraph that Doves has always been involved in similar campaigns and was happy that the government had weighed in.

“As Doves we have always embarked on clean up campaigns across the country especially in areas where our brand has footprints.We believe that as a corporate body we do no live in a vacuum but our existence and sustainability comes from our customers and clientele base and their health is reflective of our company’s health as a well. If our customers sneeze , we catch the cold so we try by all means to ensure that our customer have a clean, safe and healthy habitat,” said Matsika.

He added: “We are overjoyed that the President (Mnangagwa) has taken lead and declared the National Environment Day and we embrace the initiative with open hands.We will work closely with the Ministry of Environment and the Environmental Management Agency and complement their programmes in any way we can manage and afford as long as it has to  do with the environmental preservation.We know the world has been affected by climate change which has adverse effects and we as the corporate world need to complement government efforts.”

The Doves entourage comprised of senior executives and junior  staffers and the company boasts of a Safety and Health (SHE) department which continuously engages staff members and educate them on safety, health and environment issues.