Red Light district murder : teenage ritual killers caged


The mysterious murder of a city woman Samantha Hlahla at her lodgings at Trocadero Court in the Avenues was talk of the town recently with suggestions of a serial killer on the loose been submitted.

However, it has turned out the suspected killers are two Epworth teenagers who allegedly drugged and had sex with her before strangling her with a Samsung cable and drained blood from her for ritual purposes.

The minors whose identity has been protected ,are aged 15 and 17 years old and are half brothers.

They appeared before Magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa at the Harare Magistrate Court  on Wednesday and were remanded in custody to December 19 and are languishing in juvenile prison.

The  court heard that the deceased was a commercial sex worker and had a long standing ‘business relationship’ with the suspected killers dating back to when the younger sibling was still 13 years of age.

In a get rich quick scheme, the duo allegedly consulted a  self-proclaimed witch-doctor only identified as Sekuru Hungwe in Mbare where they sought means to enrich themselves.

They were given a bottle of an unknown portion which would make Samantha weak. Access to her was easy since they were regular clients.

Sekuru Hungwe had instructed them to mix the  concoction with the deceased’s blood and execution of this mission would see them getting rich.

As per instructions , the duo went to Samantha’s apartment in the Avenues area in Harare and drugged her with the portion before having sexual intercourse with her, it is alleged.

The duo allegedly used a Samsung cable to strangle her to death.

They then made a small incision on the now deceased’s thigh draining a considerable amount of blood which they put in a small bottle with the other mixture of herbs. They were then expected to take the blood mixture to Sekuru Hungwe for the completion of the ritual which would in turn make them instantly rich.

After completing their task, the two teenagers used Samantha’s phone to call their taxi driver who had dropped them off earlier to pick them up.

The duo loaded the now deceased personal movable property into the taxi and they also took $20 from the house which they used to buy new clothes for themselves. They were dropped off at their place of residence in Epworth.

The two were later intercepted by the police on their way to the herbalist to deliver the ‘loot’.

Meanwhile, the traditional healer Sekuru Hungwe was arrested on Wednesday as he tried to escape from his residence in Mbare after learning of his accomplices’ arrest.

He is expected to appear in court on Thursday afternoon where he is likely to face charges of being an accessory to murder.


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