Defence minister Muchinguri speaks on fuel crisis

Defence minister Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri

By Upenyu Chaota

MASVINGO—Zanu PF national chairperson and defence minister Oppah Muchinguri has blamed the fuel crisis bedevilling the country on corrupt fuel suppliers who are given forex to import the scarce commodity but in turn channel the money towards the black market.

Addressing a Zanu PF provincial inter-district conference on Monday, Muchinguri said the government is dispatching forex for fuel but a lot of corruption is happening creating the acute shortage.

President Mnangagwa is straightforward when it comes to corruption. Corruption has no room in our society and stern measures are going to be taken against all the economic saboteurs.

“The country has no fuel and its queues everywhere. At the moment fuel is being imported and some companies that are being given forex to bring fuel into the country are not doing so. They are channelling the money to the black market.

“This is what has created this scarcity across the country. The companies are not importing the fuel and are fuelling black market economy,” said Muchinguri.

She said some of the companies that are importing fuel are putting very little quantities on service stations while large quantities are put on black market and sold at absurd prices.

“We are watching them and its only one day when the hands of justice will catch up with them. Some companies bring a truck load of over 30 000 litres but only half is put into a service station while the other half is being put on the black market.

“Many people wonder why the black market never runs out of fuel but it is these companies who are supplying the black market,” said Muchinguri.

On the black market, one litre of petrol ranges from $5 to $7 while a litre of diesel goes from $3 to $4.

Muchinguri said Zanu PF leadership especially in rural areas should be given a green light to monitor shops and companies engaging in corrupt activities so that they are brought to book.

“There are a lot of enemies of progress who want to see our President fail. We want Zanu PF people to compile a list of all the people sabotaging the economy so that they are arrested,” said Muchinguri.

Defence minister Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri