Shingi Mukandi killer jailed for 3 years

Margaret Matibiri
The man who killed Freight World boss Shingi Mukandi has been slapped with a four-year jail term after he was found guilty and convicted on all four counts.
Alfred Takudzwa Machipisa (25) who ran over and killed businessman and socialite Shingi Mukandi in a hit-and-run accident was sentenced to 48 months in jail for the first count and a combined $400 fine for the other three counts.
Machipisa who is a third year student at a local University was not spared by Harare magistrate Edwin Marecha who indicated that an example had to be made to bring sanity on the roads.
“Traffic accidents have brought untold sufferings to citizens and stiffer penalties will bring sanity to the jungle that our streets have become. A fine in this instance will make a mockery of our justice system as the defence council had opted for a steeper fine,” he said.
As part of the sentence Machipisa was prohibited from driving for the next five years and his licence has been cancelled.
Machipisa was represented by Anesu Bangidza.
Facts are that Machipisa was trailing Mukandi’s motorbike and started speeding after passing house No. 201 Harare Drive in Mount Pleasant. Machipisa hit the motorcycle from behind resulting in Mukandi flying and landing 70 metres away.
His body rested near the yellow line on the left side of the road, while his motorcycle stopped about 150 metres away. Machipisa fled the scene without giving any assistance or checking if Mukandi was injured. Immediately after the accident, Machipisa  who resides in Mt Pleasant approximately 100 metres from Mukandi’s house drove his father’s accident-damaged Isuzu KB300 to Mabelreign Zambezi Flats where his brother Lloyd resides and hid the car there.