Morgan Tsvangirai backers call for early congress


Nigel Pfunde

A pressure group made up of the original Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) members  calling themselves Defending Morgan Tsvangirai Legacy (DMTL) has accused the MDC-A of having a serious constitutional crisis and betraying the legacy that was left by the late founder Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.

The group called for the holding of an emergency extra-ordinary elective congress to follow the democratic route of choosing leaders as is enshrined in the constitution that was left by the late Tsvangirai.

The party’s elective congress was penciled for February 2019, but Chamisa pushed the dates to October giving rise to speculation that he wanted to consolidate his power and retain presidency with no major threats.

The group is led by founding members of the party including  former Makoni East legislator Webber Chinyadza and Goromonzi West member of parliament aspirant Taurai Nhamburo who is the DMTL’s treasurer.

Addressing journalists in the capital on Wednesday, Nhamburo accused the party’s national executive for being toothless bulldogs by not calling for an early congress to choose a legitimate leader.

He also accused Chamisa of dictatorial tendencies and imposition of candidates in the party’s by elections.

“We are guided by the party’s constitution that Tsvangirai left , we treat it as our Bible and the current MDC is not a true reflection of what Tsvangirai would have wanted , so we are here to defend his legacy,” he said.

Nhamburo said  he has been councillor for Goromonzi West and in the last elections he was the people’s favourite and was expected to defeat his rival  the deputy minister of Information Energy Mutodi but he was elbowed out by Chamisa.

“Chamisa called me and asked me if everything was going on well with mobilising people in the constituency. I told him that everything was in order since people were happy with my job since I had been councillor there for five years.

“I told him (Chamisa) that there was a problem because Luke (Tamborinyoka) was de-campaigning me and he said he would take care of it and call me back.

“He never called back and he ended up ignoring my calls.

“Next thing, Tamborinyoka was imposed as a candidate.That is the type of culture we do not want. It’s not constitutional and Morgan Tsvangirai would not have approved this behaviour,” fumed Nhamburo.

When asked why they were disputing the use of the name MDC -A yet the matter was heard before the courts, Chinyadza said the court outcome was inconclusive.

He also made it clear that they were not power mongers and where not hunting for positions in the party but the main concern was to defend the late Tsvangirai’s legacy by upholding the constitution that was subsisting at the time of his death.

“How can he be president of a nation bestowed before his own supporters.  It was a mock process and it remains a crazy joke. Nobody will lose sleep of jokes from political failures.", said Togarepi
File Pic: MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa
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