ZANU PF counters MDC-A demo?


Following the announcement by MDC-A president Nelson Chamisa on Monday that his party will stage a demonstration to protest against the general cost of living and price hike of basic commodities on November 29, ZANU PF is also planning a major event on the same day in the capital.

The timing of the events appears to be a deliberate ploy to counter the MDC-A demo in an explosive situation which will see the ‘battle of crowds’ .

The ZANU PF youth league is expected to announce finer details of their event at the ZANU PF headquarters this Tuesday afternoon.

More to follow….

ZANU PF National Youth League chairperson Pupurai Togarepi has  dismissed MDC Alliance principal Tenda Biti’s claims that there are fissures in the party’s presidium
Togarepi Pupurai


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