Mudzuri exposes double standards in MDC-A


Nigel Pfunde

MDC Alliance Vice President Elias Mudzuri received a backlash from his  party’s parliamentarians for accepting an invitation extended to him on Monday  by senate president Mabel Chinomona in his capacity as the leader of the House under the Parliamentary Standing Rules and Orders rule 11.

Mudzuri’s  meeting with  President Emmerson Mnangagwa was in sync with the statute which states:

“The President of the Senate and the Deputy President of the Senate, accompanied by their proposers and seconders and other Senators, shall as soon as may be after their election, present themselves to the President.”

However some MDC -A parliamentarians blasted and confronted Mudzuri at a local hotel and ganged on him questioning why he went to State House.

“Why did you go there alone, pawaona kuti vamwe vako havapo warambirei uripo (when you realised that you were the only MDC  member why did you not leave. Hana yenyu yangaisingarove here muripakatio pevanhu ve ZANU ,” fumed MDC member of parliament Charlton Hwende in a  video that went viral.

Also among  the group was outspoken  Zwizwai Murisi who challenged Mudzuri while others called him a sell out.

This development has exposed the double standards of MDC parliamentarians since Mudzuri ‘s action were in line with parliamentary business.

Ironically, the same MPs who were castigating Mudzuri for fulfilling his parliamentary obligations are the same MPs who are beneficiaries of perks and hotel accommodation that come with being an MP.

In his response, Mudzuri questioned why his party’s parliamentarians accepted benefits using taxpayers money when they do not want the party to have a representative  in parliamentary events.

My confusion to all this stems from the fact that, if what I did was “ illegal” to my fellow parliamentarians, then I want to understand what we are still doing in parliament as a Party and wasting taxpayers’ money,” said Mudzuri in a statement.

Mudzuri said actions by his party’s fellow parliamentarians was a display of hypocrisy.

“I went to State House not to appease President Munangagwa (sic), but to respect the office of Parliament. If am wrong and they are right I would be proud  to be fired from the Party because I represented the Party in Parliament business. It’s sad that my very colleagues, were fully engaged in parliament business at HICC on post budget consultations, a budget presentation that saw MPs under attack from police. What hypocrisy!,” Mudzuri said.

The incident further gives credence to reports that the infighting and factionalism in MDC-A has reached fever pitch.

“What happened in the morning is just cementing the factionalism,we all know that those two gentleman who led the anti-Mudzuri onslaught Hwende (Charlton) and Zwizwai are Wamba (Nelson Chamisa)’s blue-eyed boys who are sycophants and can do anything to please him.

“Mudzuri on the other hand also has his own faction and is slowly getting more people aligning to him. Today his actions were above board, he was simply representing the party on parliament business.In any case, if anyone needs disciplinary action it should be Hwende and Zwizwai because they are too junior to publicly challenge and embarrass a full vice president.If they had issues they should have taken the proper channels as enshrined in the party’s constitution which is very clear,” said a highly placed  MDC-A insider who spoke on condition of anonymity.

MDC A vice president Elias Mudzuri
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