Third force behind fire accidents?

Zimbabwe Republic Police spokesperson Charity Charamba

By Tinomutenda Midzi

The prevalence rate of fire accidents has increased lately resulting in speculation that there might be a third force behind the mysterious fires.

Latest cases were reported in Mbare (near Siyaso complex) and   Glen View Area 8 where property worth thousands of dollars was destroyed.

In respect of the Mbare fire that broke out on Tuesday , the Harare City Council said the fire was caused by a group of scrap metal dealers who were melting copper wire.

The police has not yet come up with an official position on the cause of the spontaneous fires as investigations are still underway.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba told the Mail and Telegraph that they are still investigating the matter and are still to come out with findings.

“We are investigating the case and we don’t have anything as of yet,” she said.

The  fact that police have not ‘bought’ explanations by the Harare City Council and decided to dig deeper gives credence to suspicion  that there is a ‘third force’ behind the fires.

Several conspiracy theories have been brought forward with MDCT spokesperson Linda Masarira submitting that the fires could be an acto of a well orchestrated political groupings that she claims were trained abroad in the pre-elections period.

“Could be this the work of some unruly elements who went for training by the Serbians in neighbouring Southern Africa countries during the election period?” she stated.

When the news crew visited the site in Mbare on Tuesday, an eyewitness said even the owner of the garage was aware of the real cause of the fire.

“The owner was approached when smoke was seen behind the garage and he remained calm. He was even told for the second time but he did not come. I am sure he knew about it. To me it seems as if it is a planned thing for the reason I don’t even know. His calmness after losing property worthy thousands of dollars remains suspicious,”  said the eyewitness who refused to identify himself.

In Glen View, witnesses dismissed the theory that fire broke out due to a generator malfunction and pointed to mbanje smokers. “The truth is that all this was caused by some guys who were smoking weed (sic). The information that a generator developed a problem was forwarded just to cover up for the guys since the act is illegal,” said Charles Majome who said he lost property worth $5000.

His colleagues however quickly dismissed what they termed a “wild and far fetched assertion” .

“Weed smoking is not new. Look, fire incidents have been reported from different parts of the country this past week. It is not normal. There should be some people behind this,” another witness said.

Meanwhile, the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has remained mum on the matter with many expecting their explanation for a possible scientific cause of the fires.