Jim Kunaka confesses to violent crimes….drags Manyeruke in the mud


Nigel Pfunde and Fungayi Chimbindi

Former ZANU PF provincial youth leader and National Patriotic Front member Jim Kunaka has confessed that he masterminded and committed violent crimes during his stint at the helm of the ruling party’s provincial youth league.

Kunaka, who led a terror group known as Chipangano, made the shocking revelations on Wednesday when he was giving oral evidence before the Kgalema Motlanthe led Commission of Inquiry which is looking at the August 1 post- election violence which saw the deaths of six people.

Kunaka, who seemed to have been playing to the gallery, then implicated one of the commissioners, Charity Manyeruke alleging that she was her accomplice in planning violence against the opposition.

He made unsubstantiated claims that they held several meetings with Manyeruke where he got instructions to perpetrate violence and he interestingly gagged her and blatantly refused to give her audience.

He however could not  state in what capacity Manyeruke was issuing orders to him yet he was obligated to report directly to the national youth leader on all party business.

I was a Provincial Leader of ZANU PF in Harare and I was in charge of commanding violent activities if you check on the internet my name is there. Professor Charity Manyeruke who is seated there in the commission is one of the architects of violence in ZANU PF. She was one of the people with whom we would sit down to discuss how we would beat up MDC people.

“Manyeruke was my boss who sent me to do violence and my commander who gave me instructions so I will not respond to any questions from my commander because when we were in ZANU PF I was merely her foot soldier,” said Kunaka.

He threatened to expose Manyeruke with more damning information if she dares ask him questions.

“I do not want this woman (Manyeruke) to ask me questions otherwise I will go deeper, she is dirty. When I look at her I see someone of my mother’s age and for that reason I have to respect and not go deeper,” he threatened.

Kunaka has been hauled before the courts for various crimes of violence and has pleaded not guilty and his latest admission under oath might be authoring his own calamity, suggested some political analysts.

In his testimony, he also said that he was a “dangerous man” and people who might try to harass him must do so with caution.

“As the previous speaker said, we might be followed but they must not approach me willy nilly,I’m dangerous,” bragged Kunaka who at one time was one of the most feared man in Mbare as he allegedly demanded bribes from traders  in return of allocation of space at Siyaso and Magaba complex.

He also demanded that the commission invite the ‘kneeling soldier’ whose images went viral on social media. He argued that the police must trace the soldier in question using intelligence from social media and his neighbours (kneeling soldier). He made this proposal after Motlanth has asked him if he personally knew the soldier in question.

Meanwhile, other people who appeared before the commission on Wednesday include Shadreck Mashayamombe and Paddington Japajapa.

Jim Kunaka
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