Chiredzi Town Council boss rejects car and opts for bicycle


By Upenyu Chaota

MASVINGO— The Chiredzi Town Council chairperson Gibson Hwende has refused to have the council buy him a new service vehicle saying he can do with a bicycle and the money should be channelled to service delivery not luxuries.

The MDC Alliance councillor who defied all odds and landed the top job in a ZANU PF dominated set up said that the council should prioritise the rate payers and put their money to good use.

In its 2019 budget, the Chiredzi Town Council had provisions for a new off road vehicle for the new council chairperson after the previous vehicle was sold to the former chairperson.

Hwende said he will not accept a car while the water, roads, drainage, refuse and sewer reticulation projects suffer.

“I told them that a bicycle is ok as of now. We have a huge task ahead in as far as service delivery is concerned.

“I cannot think of a car right now because I believe that money could be put on a project that can help our people.

“Our infrastructure needs serious attention and we are working against a constrained budget hence the need to put every cent to good use. I need to leave a legacy when my term is over. People should be able remember me as a leader who brought meaningful development to our town,” said Hwende.

He said he was elected to deliver and his first priority will be the people who voted for him into office.

“I was elected  by the people and they expect me to deliver. What will they say when they see me driving a new nice car bought by their money in badly damaged roads?

“We have to focus on what benefits many before we push for personal pleasures,” said Hwende.

Hwende’s move is one of the isolated cases in the country which has seen a lot of corruption and extravagance by local authorities.