ZTA boss Kaseke suffers a stroke?


By Mbuso Ncube

Harare-Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke is reported to have suffered a stroke and has been admitted at a Harare hospital since Monday, the  Mail and Telegraph has learnt.

Impeccable sources said Kaseke who suffers from high blood pressure had a mild stroke and had to be rushed to the hospital.

“The chief (Kaseke) stroked (sic) on Monday and is in hospital as we speak , its not looking good.I hope he gets well soon,” said the source.

ZTA head of corporate affairs Godfrey Koti confirmed that Kaseke is not at work due to health complications and he  could neither confirm nor deny that Kaseke had suffered a stroke as he referred the reporter to his family members .

“The chief executive is not at work, he is not feeling well and admitted at a local hospital. He is taking time off his busy schedule, he needs to rest after so much work and travelling.

“I can’t comment about stroke and high blood pressure, I don’t know anything about that and it’s the duty of his (Kaseke) family to talk about that,” said Koti.

Kaseke has been at the helm of ZTA for 13 years and is expected to leave this year. He has been involved in a road accident that left one of his hands maimed.

ZTA boss Karikoga Kaseke
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