Teachers union speaks on medical aid woes


Harare – Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has urged the government to remit medical aid subscriptions on time so as to avoid rejection of medical aid cards.

This comes after private hospitals and pharmacies have been refusing to accept payment in bond notes as well as medical aid cards.

In the minutes of a meeting held by PTUZ,  PSMAS and Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, PTUZ Harare Provincial Chairperson Charles Mubwandarikwa said the union’s secretary general Raymond Majongwe highlighted the issue of rising shortfalls.

He (Majongwe)  elaborated on the demand for payment in hard currency by service providers. This includes the rising shortfalls and challenges associated with procurement of drugs. He also highlighted on the rejection of the PSMAS cards by numerous service providers because they were not being timeously paid.

“The SG urged government to forward payments to PSMAS on time and the society to honor payments to service providers to avoid rejection of the card,” Mubwandarikwa said.

Mumbwandarikwa also said the union highlighted the continuous falling of salaries ever since the separation of RTGS and Nostro accounts.

“The Secretary General (Majongwe)  eloquently highlighted the challenges being faced by members when seeking medical services from various providers in light of the continuous falling of salaries ever since the separation of RTGS salaries from FCA Nostro accounts recently announced by the Minister of Finance.

“The issue of inclusivity in the wake of members with disabilities and the user unfriendliness of facilities at both the Ministry and PSMAS came under the spotlight,” he said.

He said the ministry promised to engage all stakeholders.

“The time taken when being served and negative attitudes was also raised. The ministry promised to organize an all inclusive stakeholders indaba soon while the society (PSMAS) acknowledged that they had noted the concerns that the union raised and they will work on resolving them,” Mumbwandarikwa said.

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