No divisions in Zanu PF – Togarepi


Harare – ZANU PF National Youth League chairperson Pupurai Togarepi has  dismissed MDC Alliance principal Tenda Biti’s claims that there are fissures in the party’s presidium and advised him to continue supporting their mock president Nelson Chamisa and stop hallucinating.

Biti posted on micro blogging site Twitter on Friday alleging that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is no longer in charge of the nation but the military under his deputy Constantino Chiwenga had taken over..

Reports have been awash in the private media where Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are said to be at loggerheads in their alleged quest for power in ZANU PF and the nation at large.

Biti took to twitter saying he has information that Mnangagwa has been captured by Chiwenga and his lieutenants.

“I can strongly confirm that Mnangagwa is under state seizure. He is no longer in charge but the military under Chiwenga and Tagwirei has taken over Zimbabwe with effect from 1 November 2018. What happened last year to Mugabe is happening again in a different way. Chiwenga and Tagwirei have captured the executive powers as they have given Mnangagwa a  condition:

Either you play by the rules of the Cartel or you step down by resignation or by military backed public demonstrations. Watch this space, Mnangagwa’s days are numbered. This time Chiwenga is taking over.” he tweeted.

In an interview with the Mail and Telegraph on Monday, Togarepi leapt into his superiors defence and said there were no fissures in the presidium.

“Zanu PF is in charge and our President (Mnangagwa) is totally in charge and fully supported by his entire presidium. Biti’s utterances are a sign of desperation to divert attention from deep seated divisions in MDC Alliance,” Togarepi said.

MDC Alliance is said to be in an unstable state after the party’s Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora is said to be garnering for the party presidency challenging  Nelson Chamisa in next year’s congress.

In a move that suggests Mwonzora is laying the foundation for take over, he recently nullified the suspension of all party members who were dismissed by Chamisa.

Togarepi said Biti can continue to say things that are non-existant.

“Biti can continue to hallucinate, his party can continue with their mock president and failed flames while we in Zanu PF continue to work for our great country,” he said.


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