Winky D, Jah Prayzah to release on the same day


Harare – Winky D has denied speculative reports that his decision to launch his latest song on the same day with Jah Prayzah was a way to counter the tall and lanky musician.

Lately it has been an open secret in the music circles that the two artistes have some rivalry as they compete for dominance in the cut throat music industry.

Fans and music critics have for a long time claimed Winky D and Jah Prayzah are entangled in a game of thrones; due to the manner the two artists release their music.

Jah Prayzah announced months back that he will launch his latest project Chitubu on November 2, the frenzy caught up with fans across the country.

Two days before the release of Chitubu, Winky D dropped a bombshell and announced that he will be dropping a new song dubbed ‘Paper Bag’ accompanied by a video.

The video will premiere on Trace Africa the same day Chitubu is launched.

Speaking through his manager Jonathan Banda, Winky D said he was in no competition.

“I have heard many people saying we are trying to counter Chitubu launch and I laughed it off, seriously how do you counter a whole album with only one track. The streets will always talk, many people have died to street talk and others have lived off it.

“We are not anyway in competition with Jah Prayzah, music is a mission and not a competition. I believe our genres are different and can’t be compared,” he said.

Banda added that what has happened was a mere coincidence and his team did not have a hand in it.

“Trace Africa is a foreign television channel, they don’t even know that there is an album launch in Zimbabwe on the same day. They have their own procedures around submission and acceptance and eventually screening of content, we submitted like everyone else, got acceptance and then given a date for the premiere,” Banda said.

The two most sought after artists are now known for releasing albums when approaching the festive season, the two have dominated awards ceremonies such as NAMA.

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