HIV has no cure, Doctors tell Magaya

Magaya is being charged for contravening Section 41 of the Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act.

Bulawayo – Members of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association have responded to PHD Ministries leader Walter Magaya’s claims that he has discovered the cure to the pandemic HIV saying the pandemic has no cure.

This comes after PHD Ministries Prophet Walter Magaya has declared last Sunday at his church service that he had found a cure for HIV that causes AIDS.

Magaya said he found a combination of herbs from Zimbabwe and Mozambique that completely cures the virus and the concoction has been scientifically proven.

In a press statement, ZDHA has urged patients on ARVs to adhere to their stipulated program and not use the unlicensed Agura which Magaya claims can cure HIV.

“The Zimbabwe Doctors Association wishes to advise its members, stakeholders and the general public that from documented medical scientific research, HIV has no cure. It is our duty as doctors to act in the interests of patients.

There are no authentic scientific studies that have proven the safety and efficiency of the purported cure to HIV. It is against this background that we advise all patients to completely adhere to ARVs or risk developing unnecessary complications, ultimately leading to death,” read the statement.

Mpilo Hospital doctors also weighed in the issue.

“Mpilo hospital Doctors association is greatly disappointed and horrified by recent, reckless and careless utterances, publicly declared by Walter Magaya about his newly discovered cure of HIV and cancer. We also note with deep sorrow that, despite that hiss statements are conceived and ill-advised. They lack basic scientific understanding that there is no way one drug can cure two different ailments like HIV and cancer at once. This is so because these diseases process emanates from different causes.

Magaya commands a large following in his church and we fear his utterances might have far reaching undesired repercussions in the case that a few of his followers dare to pin their hopes on his statements. Magaya should publicly reverse or retract his utterances in the manner he first announced the subject. Until such a time that robust and rigorous research is done, with enough medical clearance and verification through animal studies, Magaya’s new drug should be quarantined and isolated away from humans. Life is too precious,” read the statement.