Gov trashes Magaya HIV cure claims

Harare – Government has urged people living with HIV and AIDS  to continue with their prescribed medication following claims by Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya that he had found a cure for the virus.
Magaya on Sunday announced at his church service that he had found a cure for HIV and AIDS as well as cancer related illnesses.
He told congregants  that the cure was made from herbs found in Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
Magaya said the cure had been tested on people living with HIV and they had gone negative
He said if a person takes the medication from the plant named Aguma plant, within 14 days, his or her CD4 count will go up by 200%, suppressing the virus before it finally disappears.
Addressing journalists at a press conference in Harare, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting minister Monica Mutsvangwa said relevant authorities were urgently looking into the matter.
“The ministry strongly urges all clients on treatment for HIV and AIDS to continue on their prescribed medication.
“ Any form of discontinuation or switch made without the guidance of medical professionals may lead to adverse consequences on their health status.
“The relevant authorities are urgently looking into the matter and the ministry will soon advise the nation on the said claims,” she said.
She said the government had no knowledge of the said product as it was not submitted for review.
“Neither the medicines registrar, nor the registrar of trials kept by the ministry has a record of the cited medicine.
“Herbal medicines now require approval by the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe and the product has not yet been submitted for review and assessment,” Mutsvangwa said.
Mutsvangwa also said there were processes that new medicine had to go through before they are recognised.
“There are processes and procedures that new medicines should go through before they are recognised as effective and safe for use by patients.
“ Medicines go through rigorous tests, including clinical trials, which involve use of the product under strict medical supervision,” she said.
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