Court releases Ex perm sec Gudyanga’s passport


Harare – Former Secretary for Mines and Mining Development Francis Gudyanga has appeared in court.

Gudyanga successfully made an application for the release of his passport before Harare magistrate Hoseah Mujaya.

Through his lawyers, Gundyanga told the court that he is scheduled to travel out of the country with the Zimbabwe academy of sciences.

His passport was released until November 19 when he is scheduled to get back.

Gundyanga is facing fraud charges after he allegedly defrauded the Mineral Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) of US$1 629 500.He is out on $500 bail coupled with stringent bail conditions.

Allegations are that during the period extending from September 2014 to December 2015, Gudyanga, acting as the Permanent Secretary of Mines and Mining Development, ordered MMCZ to pay US$1 629 500 to Glammer Private Limited.

Gudyanga allegedly told MMCZ to pay Glammer through Pedstock Investments, as Glammer was a foreign company.
He also allegedly lied that the money was to be accounted for as part of the dividends to the stakeholder, which was the Government of Zimbabwe.

MMCZ released the money to Pedstock Investments.
It was later discovered that the money had nothing to do with MMCZ and it was not being paid to the Government of Zimbabwe, but instead was used in a fraudulent arrangement Gudyanga had made.

Dividends are supposed to be paid to the permanent secretary, who then issues a receipt of acknowledgement.
After this, the permanent secretary is then supposed to pay the Ministry of Finance.
Due to the alleged fraud, Gudyanga caused MMCZ to lose US$1 629 500.

Gudyanga is also facing corruption charges alongside former Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa.

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