Apostle Java exposes spiritual husbands

Harare – One of the vibrant preachers and miracle workers of this generation, Apostole Batsirai Java, recently preached and taught on spiritual husbands and wives in a fully packed evening service at his usual 99 Parklane Avenue, Cnr Herbert Chitepo & Parklane Harare, Zimbabwe where many felt blessed.

Themed “The revelation of spiritual husbands and how to overcome them,” the service became the talk of the Harare, national and international Christian community after many were delivered from the pre-mentioned haunting spirits.

While on the pulpit, the spiritual trailblazer gave a lot of prophesies which were all testified including the one of a lady who used to see a man coming to sleep with her.

“This does not happen so often but happens occasionally and it has just happened. This person comes to sleep with you in the dream but it’s someone whom you know. He puts on the face of someone whom you know and I want you to come here don’t be shy,” he commanded.

The lady stepped forward and was among the many who got delivered that night.

He also told the congregants that the devil sends his agencies to attack when people are still young so as to destroy their future.

“If you are a mother you understand this. Out of your five children there is that one particular child who is attacked by Satan more than others and taken from hospital to hospital. Satan does that to shake the future of that child because that particular child mainly carries the deliverance of the family,” he said.