ZIMRA, CAZ allow Ginimbi to breach airport security


Harare – Controversial socialite and businessman, Genius (Ginimbi) Kadungure flouted immigration rules at the Robert Mugabe International Airport when he entered into the international space to welcome his visitors.

The Mail and Telegraph has been shown several images, showing Kadungure proceeding beyond arrivals terminals and straight to immigration counters. After collecting his guests, Ginimbi proceeded to walk them past ZIMRA check points and to his entrouge waiting outside.

His guest heavy luggage was not searched nor scanned as is standard procedure, raising questions about the risk of smuggling of narcotics, or alcohol.

Ginimbi, pictured here, at the immigration arrival counters, with a group of people, welcoming his guests.
Ginimbi, pictured here, at the immigration arrival counters, with a group of people, welcoming his guests.

Eyewitness also said Ginimbi did not go through the normal Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) checkpoint where all arriving visitors declare their goods.

“Noone knows what the visitors had and this has not been declared to the Zimra officials,” one eye-witness said.

Upon leaving the airport, Ginimbi parked his vehicle in the middle of the highway and started taking pictures with his friends, causing a traffic jam.

A video is available below.


The “King of bling” as he is affectionately known, went on to cause a traffic jam together with his entourage when they blocked airport road just to have a photo-shoot. Ginimbi is not new to controversy. The Club Sankayi owner has been accused of fraud, affairs with married women and allegations of failing to settle debts.

The flamboyant businessman has been arrested more than once for cases of fraud. In 2014, he was accused of allegedly defrauding Zanu-PF MP for Chegutu West Dexter Nduna, the managing director of Badon Enterprises, and a Kadoma-based miner only identified as Gatawa of R1,581,890.

In February this year, he was attacked publicly on the social microblogging site, Twitter, by Mutumwa Mawere. Mawere claimed Genius owed him money amounting to R340,000 and was not willing to pay it back. Ginimbi denied the allegations claiming that he had paid back all that he owed and said that the money could have gone to meeting part of Mawere’s legal fees when he was arrested in South Africa.

Aviation authorities in Zimbabwe refused to comment on the matter after being contacted by the Mail and Telegraph.

In a very shocking stance that paints ZIMRA officials at R.G Mugabe International Airport black, Ginimbi also escorted his visitors through their point without being searched.


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