ED breakfasts with captains of industry, bankers


Highlights of Mnangagwa’s breakfast meeting (Developing)

Government is working day and night to stabilize the economy. The multi-currency system is here to stay.

RTGS balances and bond notes are safe as monetary instruments. No need for pressure to exchange them

I fully know what is going on in the country. We as government should listen to you. the financial sector is highly sensitive and thrives on highest levels of trust.

If it is true that some manufacturers have been holding back products from retailers, it is very unfortunate. It is not in our national interest to spread fake news.

Mnangagwa said seed maize prices are ridiculous.

I’m pleased to advise that the president of Afreximbank was here last Thurs to offer the much needed financial support. The Ministry of Finance and the RBZ have been tasked to come up with a framework to rebalance the debt caused by the issuance of treasury bills.

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