Soldier owes $125k in maintenance arrears


Harare – A former officer with the Zimbabwe National Army(ZNA) has been hauled before the court on allegations of defaulting maintenance payments for his two children leading to over $125 000 in arrears.

Shupikai Vito (49) appeared before Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa.

He was not asked to plead and he was granted free bail.

The matter was remanded to November 7.

The complainant in this matter is Engeline Zachariah Vito his ex-wife.

Prosecuting, Peter Kachirika alleged that on August 1 2008, Vito was ordered to pay 50% of school fees per term for his then two minor children by a High Court judge.

He was allegedly ordered to pay school fees from September 30 2008 going forward.

All the subsequent payments were to be made on or before the end of each term and the court alleges that he did not pay the said amounts for fees and he is now in arrears of $125 496.

Shupikai and Engeline got married in 1992.

Shupikai filed for divorce against his wife in 2006 while they accused each other of infidelity.

They both agreed that the mother of the children be granted custody but proceeded to trial over the equitable distribution of their house in Borrowdale Brooke.

The High court ruled that the property was to  be sold when both minor children are over 18 and as it stands, the oldest is 26 and the youngest is now 18 but the property has not been sold yet.

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