Twitter laughs as Steward Bank says 1 percent of $10 is a $1


Harare – Steward Bank gave us a light hearted moment when they posted on social microblogging site Twitter 1% of $10 is $1, while explaining a transactional error to one of its customers on twitter.

This comes after one Daniel Richards complained that the bank had robbed him of his dollar while he was doing a bank to wallet transfer to which the bank replied saying 1% of $10 is actually $1.

Richards tweeted that the bank had robbed him on a post below.

Daniel Richards‏ @PrivateDaniels Oct 20

nhai amana ndionereiwo kubirwa kwandirikuitwa ne Steward bank shuwa vandirova $1 pa $10 bank to wallet kwahi its 1% of $10 @263Chat @Wamagaisa @StriveMasiyiwa @ThreeMenOnABoat @zimlive @StarfmZimbabwe


Steward Bank then replied saying 1% of $10 is $1, making the twitter world to mock and criticise the banking sector in the age of disappearing savings.

The twitter community busted up and criticised Steward Bank’s employees saying they are misfits on the job.

Chandidai‏ @waIzwi Oct 20

Replying to @Wamagaisa @PrivateDaniels and 5 others

This is embarrassing for a Bank @stewardbank rectify this soonest, zvinonyadzisa. Who employed this person behind the handle at StewardBank? How many other people lost their money through this glaring miscalculation by the bank? Shame on you @stewardbank


A twitter account belonging to someone named Last Mhizha also said one of his relatives once lost US$100 in his Steward Bank account.

Last mhizha‏ @lLastMhizha1Las Oct 20

Replying to @Wamagaisa @PrivateDaniels and 5 others

Bamunini vangu vakasiyaUs$100 muaccnt vakawana musisina kustewart ikoku bt ukanzwa richi advatisiwa soo.


One Miss Vee said that the situation was not good because one will have to monitor and cross check his balance every time they make transactions.

Miss Vee‏ @Vimwannita Oct 20

Manje so , we need to be verifying every transaction kana zvadai, @stewardbank musadaro


Steward Bank then later apologised and admitted that it was an error but it was rather too late as the news was all over social media platforms.

Steward Bank‏Verified account @stewardbank Oct 20

Replying to @PrivateDaniels @263Chat and 5 others

Tine urombo ne error yataita. 1% of 10 is $0.10 . Tinokumbira mutitumire account number yenyu titarise kuti mabvisirwa $1 rechii. Gm

But, they are not alone.

In 2017 Sibongile Mani, a South African student, received a staggering R14 million  (£850 000) from National Student Financial Aid Scheme.





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