Multichoice talent factory gathers momentum

Harare – Mulitichoice continues to nature growth by being at the forefront of finding new talent, and putting them on the greatest entertainment platform. The Multichoice Talent Factory is the latest offering by the brand to search and develop the arts in Africa, with the aim of competing on the international platform.

Mail and Telegraph caught up with Takudzwa Denzel Mashonganyika popularly known as ProBeatz. He has recently returned from Zambia where he was one of the performers for the Multichoice Talent Factory.

Probeatz brings a new and different kind of act to music as he is the only Beatboxer on the national platform. Asked about his journey to beatboxing and how his performance has been received by his audience, the talented artist said:

“When I started out in the industry I got my initial support from Plot Mhako who was instrumental in helping me establish an international network. I have performed in Germany, the U.K America but the multichoice Talent factory performance was quite special I felt at home in Zambia and I was exposed to a network of Talent in Southern Africa.”

The talent show brings together the hottest upcoming acts together where they are trained and equipped for performing on a grand platform. Probeatz also noted how Multichoice is bridging the gap between the upcoming acts and established entertainers like Ben Mahaka who is one of the adjudicators.

“I was able to interact with Ben Mahaka whom I have always respected in the industry as well as other international entertainers. I am looking forward to exploring more avenues to work with talent within Africa.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity as I truly felt it was one of the most life-changing opportunities”.

Probeats has expressed his desire to establish Beatboxing as a genre in Africa.

(link to his multichoice performance below)