Gov hospitals to be ISO certified in bid to improve customer service


Harare – Government will soon modernise all health institutions by introducing International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) certification requirements, an official has said.

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised Quality Management System which is focused on meeting customer expectations and delivering customer satisfaction. 

Addressing delegates at the handover ceremony of donations towards cholera recently, Health and Child Care minister Dr Obadiah Moyo said hospitals were going to have improved customer care.

“We want to mordenise Zimbabwe, I have already told them in my office that we are going to be the first ISO certified (sic) before every other ministry becomes ISO certified and that is going to be cascaded to all the hospitals.

 “I am saying this, this is official, there is going to be ISO certification as a requirement for all health institutions and that is going to move along with improved customer care,” he said.

Moyo said hospital staff should also have quality standards.

“There is nothing that is as good as ensuring that our patients are being looked after by nursing staff who are ISO certified, who have got patients at their hearts,” he said.

Speaking at the same occasion, Standards Association of Zimbabwe director general, Eve Gadzikwa said Chitungwiza Hospital was the only ISO certified hospital in the country.

“We pride ourselves on being the centre of excellence that promotes standards. Let me take this opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to the minister of Health and Child Care Dr Obadiah Moyo for his role in promoting standards.

“I hope you are all aware that he was the chief executive officer of Chitungwiza Central Hospital and that this hospital was and still is the only certified hospital in Zimbabwe,” she said.

She urged the Ministry of Health and Child care to encourage hospitals to follow Chitungwiza hospital model.

“Certified ISO 9001 of 2015 and it remains certified, it was quite certified for a long time under his leadership so I am proud to say that he is continuing with the same journey as he is now holding a higher position in government.

“I would now therefore urge the ministry of Health and Child Care to encourage other hospitals and health services to follow Chitungwiza Central Hospital on certification and also to take some of the standards which are necessary for health services delivery.”

Gadzikwa also urged the health sector to ensure that communities get quality care.

“In terms of ISO standards, SAZ ISO for health help ensure that communities get the quality of care that they deserve.

“By implementing standards companies and organisations make a proactive commitment to the principles of quality based on transparency, accountability and safety, I am therefore confident that this can be achieved,” she said.

“Our standards cover dentistry, optics, we also have standards for equipment for transfusion of blood infusions and injections, medical devices and surgery.”