Guests go hungry at GZU graduation ceremony


Masvingo – Guests and graduands said that they were very disappointed when Great Zimbabwe University failed to offer them food during the just ended 12th graduation ceremony yesterday.

Normally the institution provides three boxes of Chicken Inn’s two piecer for a graduate and his two guests, something which did not happen this time, despite graduands paying a graduation fee which included food fees.

We left the place around 3pm and there was nothing given to us, not even water. We paid all the money they needed for such arrangements. I had to leave the place with my hungry parents on a day which was meant to be a great one for us. I am seriously disappointed,” one graduate said.

The university had soft drinks on sale however, something which angered graduands futher.

“I drank only a cascade for more than five hours. The day was a very bad one. We don’t expect such a poor treatment from a high profile institution like GZU,” a guest who accompanied his child to the graduation said.

Some students also said they were disappointed by lots of security check ups, and a decision made to bar them from using cameras.

“We wanted to freeze all the moments with pictures. We were exceedingly disappointed when we were told that only two official photographers were allowed to enter the venue during the graduation rehearsals,” a visibly disappointed graduate told M&T.

Contacted for comment, GZU director of information and public relations Anderson Chipatiso said the institution did not serve food to prevent a potential cholera outbreak.

“We all know that there is a serious cholera case in Zimbabwe and sharing food on such a big event was surely going to be disastrous,” he said.

Despite the claim, the University of Zimbabwe is said to have distributed food at their graduation ceremony on Wednesday. The university is located in Harare, the epi-center of the cholera outbreak.


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