Govt urges pharmacies to accept medical aid


Harare – Government has urged pharmaceutical companies to accept medical aid schemes, reaffirming that the US dollar and Bond have an equal value.

Private hospitals and pharmacies have been refusing to accept payment in bond notes as well as medical aid cards.

Addressing delegates at the handover of donations towards cholera, Health and Child Care Minister Obadiah Moyo said medical aid societies to accept medical aid cards.

“We want to work as a team, we are agreeing that the Medical Aid Society should honour medical aid cards, people who want to pay using medical aid cards should be given that opportunity and we appreciate the fact that there has been no pronouncement by the government that there isn’t any variation between the US$ and the Bond note that is very important so we still maintain that and we are happy  that I have never heard of any statement where the government has said the bond note is less than the US$.

“That is a critical statement which we have to send around so all our institutions so that they are all conscientised to receive medical aid cards from the patients.

“I have had meetings with various pharmaceutical organisations, the pharmaceutical manufactures, the pharmaceutical where housing organisations, the pharmaceutical society, the pharmacies and retailers and various other organisations, we have heard a very good meeting so we realise that we all have to work as one team, we realise that there is a shortage of foreign currency,” he said.

Moyo said his ministry was making a request to be prioritised in terms of foreign currency availability.

“At the end of the day we want to make sure that we have adequate stocks of medicines, right now look at what has happened as a result of this confusion which set within us.

We have ended up with a bit of confusion with no adequate medicines, pharmacies closing, some health institutions causing problems and prices hiking, that is something that we have to work on and we are going to work on it so that we remove all the distortions which might have caused that to happen.

We are all agreeing that we had to make a request to the central bank to also be prioritised as the health sector, we know that the cake is not large enough for all of us but we are requesting that the powers that be also look at us in consideration,” he said.










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