Driver swindles employer of $54 000


Harare – A 31-year-old driver who reportedly  swindled his company of over $50 000 by inflating prices and pocketing the extra money has been dragged to court facing fraud charges.

Macdonald Gumi, employed by Gatehill Enterprises, was granted  a $100-bail after appearing before  magistrate Victoria Mashambe facing fraud charges. The bail is coupled with stringent conditions which include reporting twice a week at Warren Park 1 police station.

It is the State’s case that between August 2017 and September 2018, Gumi in cahoots with Talent Mudzongachiso, Tawanda Gondo and Farai Soko who are still at large planned to steal from Gatehill Enterprises.

The four culprits reportedly approached various companies including Transerve, Zimgold as well as other individuals and obtained credit notes of goods with inflated prices.

The State alleges that the team would receive money for the jobs they would have done using the complainants vehicles and in turn submit part of the money to their employer while pocketing the rest.

Once in possession of the credit notes Gumi together with his accomplices would connive with the cashiers of the respective companies and misrepresent to Gatehill Enterprises that they had bought goods at those inflated prices. They would transfer the difference into their Ecocash platforms.

The matter came to light when Gatehill Enterprises Chief Executive Officer, Naboth Gaza, received an anonymous tip on Gumi’s alleged dealings.

An internal audit was conducted and it was discovered that Gumi had prejudiced the company of $54 000.


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